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esgeee ([personal profile] esgeee) wrote in [community profile] dhr_advent2017-09-12 10:52 pm

Get Ready for D/Hr Advent 2017!!

Dear Community,

Although this post is late, we are pleased to announce that D/Hr Advent will be returning this year for another great round! This year, the timeline is a little rushed but we hope that you'll bear with us!

September 15 - September 24: Nomination Phase
September 24 - October 1: Invitations Sent
September 24 - November 24: Creation Period
December 1 - December 25: Posting

Just like last year, we will still be posting to tumblr and in an effort to keep D/Hr Advent's tumblr the main resource (along with LJ and DW), we ask that all masterpost blogs reblog from our tumblr instead of the other way around.

We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you nominate and hopefully, participate in the Advent too, by either writing stories, creating art, or leaving kudos and comments over at AO3.

Best wishes,
[personal profile] esgeee  and [personal profile] musyc