Come Hell or High Water
24 January 2017 @ 12:29 am
Looking Back Over Six Years (Mods, Questions, and Statistics)  

A Brief Introduction

D/HR Advent began in 2011, after the closing of the dramione_advent community. The fest has been running for six years, from 2011 to 2016. It's inspired by seasonal Advent calendars, where one small gift is available every day from December 1 through December 24.

Mods through the years:

2011: Jela_Ow, kyri07, and Boundbooks.

2012: Jela_Ow, justamuggle, and Boundbooks.

2013: Boundbooks with daily posting assistance of SlytherinGurrl(Esgee) and Musyc.

2014-2016: SlytherinGurrl(Esgee) and Musyc.

Esgee is primarily responsible for:

  • collecting and counting nominations

  • sending invitations

  • verifying acceptances/declines/non-responses

  • assigning prompts

  • granting extensions

Musyc is primarily responsible for:

  • double-checking nomination counts

  • checking works – completion status, word count, formatting/HTML

  • verifying pinch-hits

  • doing the daily posts/weekly round-ups

All works are hosted and revealed on Archive Of Our Own. News, nomination period announcements, daily posts, etc. are all posted to LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, and Tumblr.

(NB: Any and all percentages in this post may have a small +/- variance due to how Excel rounds numbers. Or due to my usual method of begging someone else to do the math. I crunch numbers as a last resort. If there’s an arithmetic error, I apologize. -- Musyc)

Questions and Answers

Q&A )

Numbers and Statistics

N&S )

To conclude, Esgee and Musyc are very grateful to all our nominators, nominees, invitees, authors, artists, pinch-hitters, readers, commenters, rebloggers, reccers! We appreciate the Dramione fans who have been with the fest since the beginning and we doubly appreciate every new fan. Thank you so much for the past six years of the fest, and we hope you’ll join us in 2017! Nominations will start in September!