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Mark Your Calenders for D/Hr Advent 2015!

Dear Community,

I'm pleased to announce that D/Hr Advent will be returning this year for another great round! Similarly to last year, we will be starting nominations earlier so that authors will have more time to create their works.

September 14 - September 27: Nomination Phase
September 27 - October 5: Invitations Sent
September 27 - November 23: Creation Period
December 1 - December 25: Posting

Please use this month to plan the Advent into your schedules if you plan on participating. Also, in releasing the timeline earlier, we hope that you will be able to choose your nominees wisely without being pressed for time. This year, however, we're not sure as to how we'll nominate so please take the poll below! You don't HAVE to tell us why if you chose no for any of the options, but we'd really appreciate it!

Underneath are the questions for the poll (you can also take this at LJ
over here!) - please leave your answers in a comment!
Did you like how we nominated last year?
Would you prefer to nominate in a comment box?
Would you prefer to nominate using typeform or google docs?

Again, this year, we will not be doing story banners. However, participation banners will be given out at the end. This year, I (esgeee) will try my hardest to find someone to make story banners and I'll keep you updated on how that goes! If you know of any artists, leave a comment below! Also, just like last year, we will still be posting to tumblr and we again ask that in an effort to keep D/Hr Advent's tumblr the main resource (along with LJ and DW), we ask that all masterpost blogs reblog from our tumblr instead of the other way around.

We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you nominate and hopefully, participate in the Advent too, by either writing stories, creating art, or even leaving kudos and comments over at AO3.

Best wishes,
[personal profile] esgeeeesgeee (previously slytheringurrl) and [personal profile] musyc 

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