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Nominate Authors and Artists for Advent 2015!

Nominations Phase:
The Nominations phase for D/Hr Advent has begun! Nominate your favorite D/Hr author or artist to write a seasonal one-shot or draw a Christmas pic. Use the comments below (which will be screened) to pick your favorite authors/artists. The ones that receive the most nominations will be invited to participate in this year's D/Hr Advent Calendar.

This year, you can nominate in two ways: through a poll at typeform or as a comment. Either way is fine but please stay honest and only nominate at one place!

Comment below using the following format:
Author or Artist:
Contact Information (Journal/Blog or H&V Author Page or Email Address):

You can nominate as many people as you’d like, but try to keep it to one comment. Keep in mind that the purpose of the nominations phase is to get your favorite authors and artists to participate in the D/Hr Advent Calendar. Please keep that in mind when posting your nominations.

Commenting at Typeform:

You can go to the typeform by clicking HERE. You can nominate as many people as you’d like. Fill out a new form everytime you nominate another author. 

You can nominate either on this post, on livejournal, or on tumblr, but please don't nominate on all three!

The Nominations phase will be closed on September 27, 2015!

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