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Come Hell or High Water ([personal profile] musyc) wrote in [community profile] dhr_advent2016-12-10 09:46 pm
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Advent 2016 Round-up #1

In case you missed any of the great works posted so far, here's the first round-up of the season. So many fantastic pieces posted already, with so many yet to come!

Correspondence (4639 words) by olivieblake

The Biscuit Swap (4972 words) by cklls

Winter Thrills (2883 words) by k_lynne317

If the Scarf Fits (2339 words) by xxDustNight88

Drop by Drop (4994 words) by raa

Caroled (4330 words) by Misdemeanor1331

Promises to Keep (5025 words) by eilonwy

May Your Fires Burn Bright (4754 words) by Darkrivertempest

take my hand (it's as easy as) (4811 words) by kanames_harisen

Ice Sculpture (25 words) by LittleChmura

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