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Come Hell or High Water ([personal profile] musyc) wrote in [community profile] dhr_advent2016-12-18 10:07 pm
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Advent 2016 Round-up #2

Second round-up of the season! More great works from great fans. :)

Whatever Tomorrow Brings (1592 words) by RavieSnake

Defying Gravity (4987 words) by damnedscribblingwoman

Tainted Snitch: A Yuletide Romance (4993 words) by Captainraychill

Jumper (3146 words) by mister_otter

Startlingly Familiar (4978 words) by UnseenLibrarian

Secret Satan (4906 words) by scarlettcat

Christmas Holiday (4979 words) by floorcoaster

A Small Present (916 words) by Musyc

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